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Build fitness to fuel your sport, your confidence and your success.

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Osprey Athletics is the new name for a vibrant, established Crossfit and Weightlifting community in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Osprey athletes benefit from a large family of close-knit members, experienced coaches that work closely with the athletes on their goals, varied and results-oriented programming, outstanding facilities, and owners with an ambitious vision for the future of this fitness community.

At Osprey, your fitness will take flight.

Pre-flight Program for new athletes

A 6-session primer for all new athletes to teach the safety and foundational movements they’ll use to achieve their fitness goals. At least one new session starts each month.

All for just $99.

Free Community CrossFit & Coffee! Saturdays 9-10am

Give CrossFit a try, meet our coaches and our fantastic community and stay afterwards for coffee and conversation. We often have a local small business sponsor for the workout!

Teen CrossFit

Osprey’s Teen CrossFit class is a hit with young athletes.  “It’s like a bonus Gym Glass” Keeping kids off the couch and off their screens, with fun ever changing workouts that build character, endurance and lean muscles.  Osprey Athletics is walking distance from Rocky Lake Junior High.

We’re working to bring the full website to life very soon. In the mean time, if you have any questions, or you’re a new athlete interested in getting started, please email us at info@ospreyathletics.com, call us at (902) 818.8860 or connect with us on social media.

Ready, Set, Get Fit!

Build fitness to fuel your sport, your confidence and your success with our teen  program.

You can’t get bored when it’s never the same twice.

Our teen program is the best training program around; it’s fun, focused and fearless. You’ll train like the pros, learn new skills and find great ways to transfer your new strength and fitness into everyday life.

Unlock your potential

Get fast, strong, lean and fit with our qualified coaches and progressive programming. You’ll learn skills like squatting, gymnastics, olympic lifts, running, cycling, pushing, pulling, agility, coordination, accuracy, endurance and recovery. CrossFit creates the fittest most versatile athletes in the world.

The start line awaits.

100 pounds worked off with CrossFit, diet and community

Osprey athlete Gareth Stephenson shares his story – an 18th month journey to lose weight, gain strength and fitness for every day life and ultimately reshape his lifestyle for the better with the help of CrossFit, rebuilding his diet, and the support and friendship of the welcoming community he found at Osprey Athletics. Gareth isn’t the rule, but he’s not the exception either. He’s one of countless athletes at Osprey Athletics and at CrossFit gyms around the world discovering the recipe for a healthy life in and out of the gym.
Gareth’s story was shared by CrossFit Inc. on its social media channels, reaching more than 65,000 views across Facebook and Instagram.
To celebrate the inspirational achievement of having worked off more than 100 pounds as an athlete at Osprey Athletics, his classmates and coaches gathered after class that week to make a small presentation to Gareth to mark the milestone.
Global News Morning brought Gareth in with coach Jean to talk about his fitness success!
CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman has pointed out that while a few hundred of the CrossFit affiliates have sent an athlete to the CrossFit Games, many times that many affiliates have helped a member lose more than 100 pounds. That is the real story of CrossFit – not just the impressive number of 100 pounds, but what that represents. The story is behind that number – the life-changing fitness that CrossFit affiliates help their members achieve. Gareth is one of the many athletes at Osprey committed to making their lives outside the gym better by working hard in the Box (CrossFit-ese for “gym”).

Fitness takes flight at Osprey. Talk to us about your goals and forge the first chapter of your success story.